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Orange Lap RC Dual ESC

Orange Lap RC - Dual ESC

A small Dual ESC

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This is a small dual ESC for controlling 2 brushed motors. Ideal for small tanks, battlebots, and other dual-motored RC vehicles!

Features include:
  • Small 30mm x 20mm size.
  • Operates from 4.5 - 18 volts. 2S Lipo or 6-Cell Nimh recommended.
  • 5-volt BEC.
  • Up to 3 amps max current per channel. Heatsinks and ventilation recommended.
  • Thermal and short-circuit protection.
  • Manual and mixing modes available - Allows use with both airplane and car radios.
  • Built-in brakes for maximum control.

Warning! ESC may be hot after use! Disconnect battery after use. Never leave unattended while powered.


  • Connect battery connector to top-left corner.
  • Connect channel 1 to the middle, including Positive, Ground, and Signal.
  • Connect channel 2 signal wire to the bottom-left corner.
  • Connect motor 1 and 2 to the right side. Swap connections and polarities to acheive correct motor direction.

1 Beep - normal mode
2 Beep - mixing mode - CH1 - Steer - CH2 - Throttle

Change Mode:
  1. Disconnect wheels, or prop vehicle off ground
  2. With ESC off, press and hold button
  3. Turn ESC on
  4. Release button after one second
  5. ESC beeps 3 times to indicate change of mode
  6. ESC then beeps the set mode. 1 = normal mode, 2 = mixing mode. Go through the procedure to select the other mode.
  7. ESC is now ready. Blinks once per second.

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