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We are currently away from 2/17 to 2/24. Orders will not be shipped until the 25th.
NOTE: Large orders may require extra time before shipment.

Neon IR Transponder:

Neon IR Transponder - Works with I-Lap, Trackmate, Robitronic, and EasyLap Systems.

This versatile transponder works with many different timing systems, all with the push of a button!

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I-Lap and Trackmate Compatible Transponders:

I-Lap transponders are currently out of stock. 2/13/2020

Note: Large orders (20 or more) may require extra time before shipment. Thank you for your understanding.

Trackmate Compatible Transponder

Quantity: 1

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5x Trackmate Compatible Transponders

Quantity: 5

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20x Trackmate Compatible Transponders

Quantity: 20

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