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Orange Lap RC Timing System - Compatible with I-Lap and Trackmate Transponders

This timing system has many compelling features:

  • Detects both I-Lap and Trackmate transponders. Use both types during the same race.
  • Works with your favorite lap timing software. The decoder can work in either I-Lap or Trackmate modes, set by a jumper.
  • Decoder is compatible with Trackmate bridge sensors. If you already own a Trackmate system, you can upgrade with this new decoder.
  • The Firmware can be updated, to improve reliability and add new features in the future.
  • All for a low price! Designed and assembled in USA.

This flexible system allows you to use both types of transponders at the same track, with your favorite lap timing software. This is convenient for shops and racers! The system is low cost, allowing "backyard" and "parking-lot" racing with your friends.

For a complete system, you will need:
  • Overhead Bridge Sensors (1 for every 1.5' of track lane width)
  • Transponders
  • OrangeLap RC Decoder.

Additional bridge sensors and transponders can be purchased to expand your track. Buy this flexible solution today!

This system does NOT detect AMB, MyLap, or any other types of transponders.

Systems available here on our site, also on eBay:

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Sensors and Systems Discontinued. 4/5/2019
Decoders are still available. 4/5/2019
Orange Lap RC Decoder v5

Drop-in Compatible with the Trackmate Bridge Sensors. Allows detection of both I-Lap and Trackmate Transponders.

This will NOT work with I-Lap Bridge Sensors.

Price in USD :